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Help / FAQ’s

Need some help rating other people, in your search for that significant other or new best friend? Click on one of the main topics below to jump to a section, or browse through the entire list for answers to EasyMixing.com's most frequently asked questions.

The MOST frequently asked question:
Does Easymixing promote the idea that it is okay to judge a person by their appearance?

Judgments based on superficial information are often incorrect. Appearances, as they say, can be deceiving. Nevertheless, we often tend to use such shortcuts in our daily lives when we quickly 'size up' people, objects and situations. Nobody really understands what underlies this tendency. Easymixing is, in part, an attempt to explore the intriguing world of first impressions; how valid they are and how consistent they are across different people. Mostly, however, Easymixing is intended to be a fun site, designed to help you get to know many people, help them get to know you and, perhaps, help you get to know yourself through the eyes of others.

Main Topics

  • My Username and Password
  • My Profile
  • My Picture
  • Similarity Matching/Searching
  • Private Messaging

  • My Username and Password

    • What are my username and password for?
      • Your username and password give you access to some of the greatest features of EasyMixing.com. You'll be able to post your picture on our site, exchange private messages with other members, and have access to all sorts of other great features as they become available.
    • What if I forgot my username and password?
      • No problem. Read the confirmation email EasyMixing.com sent you and you will find your username and password.
    • How do I change the username and password I created when I signed up?
      • Go to Modify Profile (located at the top of the page) and follow the easy steps.
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    My Profile

    • What is my "profile" and how do I create one?
      • Your profile contains some information about yourself to help others get to know you. It also contains some critical account information, such as your username and password, your picture, and your real email address so that we can inform you if you have waiting private messages. It's FREE to join and create your own profile. Just click on the JOIN link at the top of the page.
    • What can I put in my profile?
      • Please have fun with your profile. We'll be adding more and more options to put into your profile as our site continues to mature. We don't want to "censor" anybody, but we might refuse a profile if it doesn't adhere to the following guidelines:
        • Don't reveal any personal contact information (e.g., email addresses, URLs from your homepage, instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses). We enforce this to protect you—other people might post YOUR info and we would have no way of knowing!—and to protect ourselves.
        • We at EasyMixing.com strive to be "classy." We want the site to be fun for everybody. Please try not to swear, use violent language, make sexual references that are "explicit," or be particularly offensive in other ways. We don't want to be in the business of limiting your freedom of speech, but there is a time and place for everything, and the main pages of EasyMixing just aren't that time and place. In the future, we may be adding features that let you express yourself in whatever way you choose to those who want to hear it.
        • No politics and no commercials! Don't promote your webcam or your porn site, and don't promote your presidential campaign here, either.
        • Use photos of YOU only, and don't use photos that are copyrighted.
        • You must be at least 16 to post your information on our site. Please, please don't try to post if you're younger.
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    My Picture

    • How do I get my picture onto EasyMixing.com?
      • You can upload a picture directly from your computer. Just go to JOIN or (if you already have an account) Modify Profile and fill in the information asked for in the section about uploading your image. You just need to click on the "browse" button and choose the file on your computer containing your photo. Don't forget to click on "submit" (at the bottom of the page) after you've done this!
      • The picture you upload must be in the JPEG format, i.e., it should end in 'jpeg' or 'jpg'.
      • The picture you upload must be LESS than 100KB in size. It should also be at most around 400 pixels in width and height for best results, but that is not required.
    • When I try to submit a picture, I get an error message. What's wrong?
      • It might be in another format, such as ‘gif’, ‘tiff’ and so on. Use a program to save it as a 'jpeg' or 'jpg' file. Your webcam or digital camera probably came with some software to help you do this. Newer versions of Windows (such as XP) and the Macintosh OS also might come with software to help you do this. In Windows XP, try right clicking on the image in your file browser and experiment!
      • Your file might be too big. Make the file smaller by using better compression (usually an option when you save a JPEG) or making the image smaller (try something like 300x400 pixels). If this doesn't work, then you're doing something really wrong, as any normal picture will be plenty small after making these adjustments.
    • Why was my picture rejected?
      • Please read the guidelines for your profile up above to find some reasons why we might not be posting it. Remember one general common-sense rule: If the pic and profile you post is not consistent with the goal of our site—to allow you to have fun and possibly meet people in a way that respects others, their privacy, and their sensibilities—then your pic may be rejected..
    We're very strict about the following guidelines:
        • No porn. Nude, obscene, extremely sexual or otherwise offensive photos will NOT be posted.
        • Anything copyrighted (photos of celebrities, cartoon characters, etc.) will NOT be posted.
        • You MUST be in the photo, and it should be clear which one you are (if there is more than one person in the photo). You should conceal the identities of others in the photo, unless they gave permission for you to leave them in. You may hide your own face as well, if you wish.
    • How long does it take for my photo to appear on the site for others to see it?
      • We have to manually approve every photo, but we will try to do this as soon as possible. It may be less than an hour, or it may be up to 24 hours or more.
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    Similarity Matching/Searching

    • What's the difference between searching and matching?
      • Searching provides you a list of our members' profiles based on criteria you specify at the time of the search. Similarity Matching, on the other hand, is our exclusive process that locates all of the members in our database that match what you are looking for AND narrows that list to those members who are looking for people with a profile similar to yours. This could include age, sex, sexual orientation, specific answers to survey questions and so on. As a result, this means that you will not waste time browsing profiles that mean nothing to you. We deliver you the best of the best, the hottest of the hot, the cream of the crop, and so on.
    • What is Similarity Matching?
      • Our proprietary similarity matching technology locates all of the members that match what you are looking for AND narrows that list to those members who are looking for people with a profile like yours. Our Similarity Matching technology is the most accurate in the industry! EasyMixing.com believes in NOT wasting the time of our members by browsing profiles that mean nothing to you. THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON.
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    Private Messaging

    • What is Private Messaging?
      • EasyMixing.com wants to protect your privacy (and your anonymity) as much as you do. No one will ever see the real email address that you gave us, and no one will ever see your real name unless you want them to.

        Our Private Messaging system is like email, but you're really just sending messages from one EasyMixing account to another. Your messages can be accessed while you're logged in by clicking on the Read My Messages link at the top of the screen. Stay tuned for more advanced EasyMixing Private Messaging features to come!

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